European Care Strategy: what opportunities for PHS sectors? News European Care Strategy: what opportunities for PHS sectors?

European Care Strategy: what opportunities for PHS sectors?

From 29 September 2022 to 29 September 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential caring role of Personal and household services (PHS) workers in our societies while demonstrating the need for an urgent normative intervention to grant these workers access to the essential social protection that every worker deserves.

Very little attention has been paid to quality work in PHS and even less on granting PHS workers living and working conditions that support them in engaging and remaining in work throughout an extended working life. PHS workers are qualified workers whose commitment, skills and professionalism should be widely acknowledged and promoted.

Considering the crucial role played by the European Parliament, PHS Social partners invite you to the event at the EP “European Care Strategy: what opportunities for PHS sectors ” under the sponsorship of MEP Sirpa PIETIKÄINEN.

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09:00 to 09:05

Introduction by moderator (Mark Bergfeld, UNICARE)

09:05 to 09:15

Welcome & opening remarks

09:20 to 09:35

Presentation of the European care Strategy

09:35 to 10:00

Reactions from various political groups

10:00 to 10:20

Presentation of PHS Social partners perspective on the European Care strategy

10:15 to 10:20

Civil society response to the European Care strategy

10:20 to 10:50

Q&A with the audience

10:50 to 11:00

Conclusions & ILO’s perspective


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