The EFFE Observatory, called “EFFE LAB” is a tool to promote the PHS sector and the direct employment model.

The EFFE LAB reflects this willingness to position social issues, and in particular questions relating to the management of home care, to the free choice of households and individuals to decide which care model corresponds better to their needs, and to create decent jobs in their homes to meet them.

Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of EFFE members and its partners, academics and civil society, the EFFE LAB aims to offer lines of thought and good practices to European institutions and Member States. members to support them in structuring the home employment sector in Europe. The role of the EFFE LAB is to stimulate reflection on care and home employment policies in order to help Member States to deal with the aging of their populations and the growing demand for care. The EFFE LAB gathers and produces the data needed to launch innovative ideas around the key themes of an emerging sector: the fight against undeclared work, skills, solutions to the lack of manpower, working conditions, & attractiveness of the sector, social dialogue…

In this sense, the EFFE LAB is complementary to EFFE, which continues to propose political solutions to European and national decision-makers on these issues and to support European legislative work. The LAB works to give credibility to a sector whose borders are sometimes blurred, often ignored by political decision-makers, so that real social and societal recognition of these jobs can be put in place.


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