Team & members

Team & members

Our team
Marie Béatrice Levaux
Andrea Zini
Vice president

Karmele Acedo
General Secretary
Anita Poutard
Aude Boisseuil
General Delegate
Thomas Hector
Policy Officer

Our members

Fepem is a socio occupational organisation committed to representing and promoting the direct home employment sector in France. It gathers around four million individual employers in France.
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Assindatcolf is an Italian association which provides domestic employers administrative support services, as well as employer-employee contact.
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IPERIA l’Institut is the expert of family employment’s professionnalisation, mandated by professional branches of domestic employees and maternal assistants to create and develop a training offer and professionnalisation tools.
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Grupo SSI is a Spanish cooperative Cooperative for domestic and personal care services from the Basque Country, which has privileged contact with the public administration and regional employment services.
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The French Confederation of Christian Workers (CFTC) is one of the five major French confederations of trade unions.
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La Fédération Générale des Travailleurs de l’Agriculture, de l’alimentation, des tabacs et des services annexes – Forces ouvrières is one of the five major French confederations of trade unions. It gathers trade unions representing the following sectors: craft food production, agriculture, food processing, mass distribution, hotels and catering industry, personal services, hairdressing and aesthetics in France.
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The IRCEM Group is a social protection group for home and personal services employment, family employees, employers and retirees in this sector of activity in France.
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This occupational trade union aims to protect the rights and interests of maternal and family assistants employed by a household, a nursery or specialized services dedicated to child welfare.
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The PRODOME project aimed to contribute to the recognition and professionalisation of domestic workers in Europe. From November 2016 to October 2019, EFFE was part of a consortium of 11 partners.
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The European project Ad-PHS (Advancing Personal and Household Services) aimed to create a platform gathering relevant PHS stakeholders at European level. This platform should become the unique contact point to support and advice public authorities in the development of PHS policies. The project took place from December 2018 to December 2020.
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TRANSVAL-EU aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of validation assessors, counsellors and career guidance practitioners on transversal competences through capacity building. The project strengthens cross-sector cooperation between practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders in order to build coherent VNFIL systems. It proposes innovative approaches for the validation of transversal skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL), which will be tested in five pilot countries – Austria, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania and Poland. TRANSVAL-EU was launched on 30 March 2021 and will last 30 months.
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