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Steering Committee in Bilbao

10 October 2017
Steering Committee

On the occasion of its Orientation Council in Bilbao on 25 September, the European Family Employment Federation (EFFE) met with the Spanish social partners and drew up its action plan for the coming year, the White Paper.

This meeting gave EFFE members a clearer picture of the stakes and functioning of social services in the Basque Country. In the current context, they work particularly on the integration of women of immigrant origin who are the majority in the household employment sector, on the training of employees and on the accompaniment of people at home.

At the end of these exchanges, the EFFE members stressed that these findings were divided, whether in Spain, Italy, France or Germany. They have thus structured a coherent action around major common challenges for the future.

Throughout the preparation of a European White Paper, they wish to give concrete expression to their action and to place the household employment sector at the heart of the European political agenda. They are convinced that households in Europe are essential economic and social partners but also a vehicle for integration.

The EFFE wants European public actors to recognize this new home-based economy and adapt their public policies accordingly by supporting the ecosystem that is structured at the initiative of civil society.

As Marie-Béatrice Levaux, President of the European Federation of Family Employment, explained, “one of the objectives of the White Paper is to raise the issue for debate to prepare for the future for household employment to be considered as an innovative sector for the 21st century “.

Indeed, states can no longer act alone to meet the needs of accompanying citizens. They must rely on civil society and involve citizens in order to build effective and responsive public policies.


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