Private Homes’ Foundation Day: taking a look back News Private Homes’ Foundation Day: taking a look back

Private Homes’ Foundation Day: taking a look back

23 July 2019

Last 5 and 6 June, main domestic employment stakeholders met in the frame of the 2nd Private Homes Meet and Greet so as to share views on new domestic uses and to start new innovative projects supported by the Foundation of Private Homes and partners.

In 2018, the first encounters that took place at Paris Grand Rex had allowed in the first place to engage talks regarding the stakes of new domestic uses. In the aftermath of this event, committed stakeholders to build up tomorrow’s homes – start-uppers, associations, carriers of innovative solutions – exchanged on social and technological innovations such as I.A. in private housing, new citizen and participative accommodations, or even vocational training and skills’ development.

This collective thinking seeks to foster and implement efficient setups with the Foundation’s support and a scientific vouch to tackle new habits to deal with taking care of the elderly, the dependent, healthcare solutions and new family needs or new forms of work.

Private homes are a lively lab of new social habits and innovations carried by civil society and by citizens. The Foundation has once more gathered committed stakeholders with the firm ambition to think tomorrow’s homes and support projects that take into account new aspirations of citizens and new uses of technologic tools in the domestic environment.”“These innovations are to ensure new possibilities in private homes in a near future. But we are also seeking to go even a little further – for instance to inspire new ideas to public policies for a citizen and solidarity-driven private home scheme”, said Mrs Marie Béatrice Levaux, President of the Foundation for Private Homes.


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