Executive board and general Assembly meetings News Executive board and general Assembly meetings

Executive board and general Assembly meetings

28 March 2023

Within the European Parliament, the meetings of the Executive Board and the General Assembly of EFFE were held on the 21st of November 2023, and brought together all the members of the federation.

First of all, the Assembly adopted the amendments to the statutes proposed by the Executive Board. The members are now divided into three different colleges: an employers’ college, made up of organizations representing households as home-based employers, a PHS college, which brings together civil society actors linked to personal and household services, and finally a college know-how & skills composed by professionalization bodies. Moreover, through these changes, EFFE integrates the latest developments, such as the creation of the EFFE Lab, the development of a sectoral social dialogue or the ecological dimension of the home works.

On the proposal of the Executive Board, the GA then unanimously adopted a list of key priorities for the 2023 mandate. This year will be particularly punctuated by the European Year of Skills, the launch of the EFFE Lab and the organization of the Domestic & home care EU Congress. which will take place in Brussels on the 14th of November 2023. EFFE’s achievements during 2022 – including advocating for the homecare work sector during the European Care Strategy negotiations and at the Conference on Future of Europe – were also unanimously welcomed.

EFFE is also proud to have new members within its ranks, Nuova Collaborazione and Fidaldo, whose membership was approved during this General Assembly meeting.

Finally, the members congratulated EFFE’s participation in two new European projects on working conditions, attractiveness and the strengthening of social dialogue in the sector.


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