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Brando Benifei scooped his report during EFFE’s public meeting

15 | 03 | 16

On march 2nd, the European Federation for Family employment had the pleasure of sharing with MEP Brando Benifei (Italy, S&D) an exclusive presentation of his report on “Refugees: Social inclusion and integration on Labor Market”, for EMPL Committee.



In an inspiring and voluntary speech, he highlighted the need for a holistic approach to migration in Europe. He thus called on EU states to assume their responsibilities in this crisis that challenges the overall European project: providing hospitality to refugees and asylum seekers is at the height to EU tradition of solidarity.



The report puts forward the necessity of take into account that the integration of refugees into the labor market may be a means to contribute to the economy of the host country. It suggests thus redeploying existing EU funds to effective and humane hosting policies.


He also reminded that civil society involvement can help Europe to arise through the top of this major crisis, and therefore must have its rightful place in the negotiations that are going to open.


This report rich of humanity, challenging, and proactive will be discussed in the coming months at the European Parliament, for a vote in July 2016.

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