Ad-PHS: EFFE is a part of a pilot project funded by the European Parliament News Ad-PHS: EFFE is a part of a pilot project funded by the European Parliament
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Ad-PHS: EFFE is a part of a pilot project funded by the European Parliament

23 May 2019

In consortium with a panel of associations and organizations partners of the sector, the EFFE participated on last January at the launching meeting of the European project “Advancing Personal and Household Services” (Ad-PHS), in Brussels

The project, which runs until May 2020, is intended to lead to the creation of a single platform of support, guidance and advice to the European authorities in the development of sector-based public policies in the field of personal and home services. The PHS sector encompasses two distinct core activities, domestic support and personal care services. Strongly linked to societal changes related to the aging of the population, the changing family structures and the diversification of forms of work, these issues also intersect with the employment issues of women and immigrant populations, these two categories being particularly represented. in the PHS sector. The imperative to grant these workers equality of rights both at sector-based level but also recognition of their status and protection in their workplace can only be solved by sharing knowledge and good practices.  

Among the partners involved in the project is EASPD, the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities, which coordinates the project; but also Social Services Europe, DIESIS (European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy), UNI Europa, European Union of Service Industries, EFSI (European Federation of Human Services), IWAK (Institute for the economy, work and culture of Goethe University Frankfurt / Main) and EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions). In concrete terms, the project will enable the organization of 21 national workshops and seminars organized in EU Member States, which will allow the exchange of good practices, the deepening of research and the development of a consolidated social dialogue between the many players in the sector, be they trade unions, employers’ organizations, ministries or civil society actors. It will ultimately promote the development of instruments common to all EU Member States, and provide tools for public policy advice by the EU authorities. In the long run, it is better worker protection, expanded job opportunities, better management of challenges and the creation and recognition of millions of jobs that will be allowed by the Ad-PHS project.


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