8th European Forum on Migration News 8th European Forum on Migration

8th European Forum on Migration

From 4 December 2023 to 5 December 2023

On the 4th & 5th of December, EFFE was invited to take part to the European Forum on Migration, a platform for dialogue between civil society and the European institutions that deals with issues linked to migration, asylum and the integration of third-country nationals. It takes place at least once a year, bringing together representatives of civil society organizations, local and regional authorities, Member States and EU institutions.

The aim of the Forum is to strengthen coordination and cooperation between the main actors involved in multi-level European governance in the field of migration. The European Migration Forum aims to provide more information on the latest policy developments, as well as compiling data on how European policies are implemented, on the ground, at regional and local level. In this way, the objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the main challenges faced by civil society organizations and social partners in this area, as well as identifying ways to better support them in their efforts to meet migrants’ needs.

Discussions focused strongly on the acute labour shortages that exist at all skill levels and in all sectors of activity in the EU. Both the Commission and the participants discussed the importance and means of activating the unused potential of migrant workers to fill these labour and skills shortages.

To this end, numerous initiatives and good practices were shared and highlighted, from identifying and supporting migrants and refugees with specific needs, to changing the narrative on immigration in an era of polarization, sustainable integration into the labour market, and ways of effectively matching jobs and skills.

On the event page, a flash report with a shorter overview and a full report with a more detailed account of the 8th EMF are available.


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