General Assembly Meeting on May 14th: Roadmap for 2024 and New Members News General Assembly Meeting on May 14th: Roadmap for 2024 and New Members

General Assembly Meeting on May 14th: Roadmap for 2024 and New Members

15 May 2024

The General Assembly meeting on May 14th marked a significant milestone for our organization, as we set forth our strategic vision for 2024 and welcomed new members into our federation. Chaired by President Marie Béatrice Levaux, the assembly reaffirmed our commitment to leadership and innovation in our field.

A pivotal moment came with the re-election of our executive board. Marie Béatrice Levaux was re-elected as President, providing continuity and strong leadership for the next three years. Joining her are Vice-Presidents Karmele Acedo and Andrea Zini, who bring valuable expertise and dedication to their roles, and Anita Poutard as Treasurer, ensuring the effective governance and representation of our organization.

As we gear up for the European elections, our focus remains on forging meaningful collaborations with newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and commissioners. This strategic initiative aims to influence policy discussions and advocate for the domestic and home care sector and our core values on a broader European stage. Building on our successful interactions in past assemblies, we are committed to strengthening ties with MEPs and commissioners. This effort will enhance our ability to shape legislative outcomes that align with our mission and the needs of families across Europe. One of our primary goals for 2024 is advancing the integration of homecare within the European landscape. This initiative underscores our dedication to improving standards and support systems for domestic workers, caregivers, and families alike.

The General Assembly enthusiastically accepted the candidacy of two new members, each bringing unique perspectives and contributions to our organization:

Coöperatieve Vereniging Gastouders Nederland (Gastoudercoöperatie Nederland) emerged as a pioneering force within the Dutch childcare sector. Founded in 2018, this cooperative of self-employed childminders empowers its members by enabling direct negotiation of hourly rates, thereby enhancing their professional income and bypassing traditional profit margins imposed by commercial mediation offices. In addition to fostering fair labor practices, the cooperative provides essential support such as insurance, training, and guidance, setting a standard for the integration of homecare services and childcare in the Netherlands. This enables childminders to have sustainable working conditions  and thus to offer children a homely environment, ensuring a nurturing and personalized care experience.

ACLI in Famiglia (AIF), established in 2017 under the auspices of ACLI, stands as a stalwart advocate for the rights of families and domestic workers in Italy. Dedicated to fostering constructive dialogue and legislative advocacy, AIF plays a crucial role in bridging the needs of employing families with the rights and welfare of domestic workers. Through strategic partnerships and national agreements, AIF ensures its members access to essential services and support across Italy, promoting equitable and dignified work environments.

In conclusion, the General Assembly meeting on May 14th not only outlined our strategic roadmap for 2024 but also reinforced our leadership team and expanded our membership with organizations committed to advancing labor rights and social welfare across Europe. As we embark on this journey with renewed vigor and unity, we remain steadfast in our mission to promote equity, empowerment, and inclusive growth within our community and beyond.


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