Assessment of the European disability strategy, EFFE joins the debates News Assessment of the European disability strategy, EFFE joins the debates

Assessment of the European disability strategy, EFFE joins the debates

2 December 2023

EFFE had the opportunity, as a representative organization of household employers with disabilities, to participate in the conference organized on November 30th and December 1st jointly by the European Commission and the European Disability Forum, on the occasion of the European Day of Persons with Disabilities.

This conference addressed several major topics:

  1. Strengthening the integration of people with disabilities into European society, whether in terms of employment or their participation in European political life, where nearly a million of them are unable to vote due to existing physical barriers.
  2. Promoting public policies aimed at enhancing the accessibility of public spaces for people with disabilities, including the “EU Access City Award 2024” ceremony, which aims to reward European cities that have made significant commitments to improve the accessibility of local infrastructure and public services for people with disabilities.

The conference concluded with a panel discussing the assessment of the strategy concerning the rights of persons with disabilities. It was concluded that the lack of data on the situation of people with disabilities, as well as the poor dissemination of information to these individuals about the various existing measures, such as the European Disability Card for example, are clearly identified as the main obstacles to the effectiveness of actions implemented in favor of the European population with disabilities.

This assessment is also shared by EFFE, which acts through its members to ensure that the issue of disability in household and personal services is better integrated, and that sector workers are able to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities.

During this conference, the European Disability Forum’s manifesto for the upcoming European elections was presented, structured around 5 pillars:

  1. Ensuring the participation of people with disabilities in the EU’s political and public life.
  2. Achieving a Union of equality for people with disabilities with the CRPD as a compass.
  3. Accessibility: enabling free movement in Europe.
  4. Becoming a more social Europe.
  5. Protecting people with disabilities in Europe and beyond.

This manifesto, like EFFE’s manifesto for the same European elections, advocates for the implementation of measures at the European level to ensure the accessibility and quality of care services, and to ensure that staff are well-trained and well-paid.


EFFE 2024 European Electoral Manifesto

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